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Classica by Kondarte, is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to broadcast classical music recordings with the highest quality. Your donation will help cover the expenses of running a radio station of this nature, where commercials are not ever present during our 24/7 broadcast. Also, with your contribution the station expands its repertoire of professionally curated recordings.

You support for the fine arts is highly appreciated and we want to express our gratitude for your trust in our mission to deliver classical music of the highest quality.


Our Mission

We stream classical music recordings that have been professionally optimized for Online Radio Broadcast. We are a team of music enthusiasts with a strong commitment to excellence.


How to Contribute

Code for us

If you are a coder or programmer with a love for classical music, we need your help! Help us develop new ideas and applications to make our broadcast even better.

Buy us a coffee

Many of our projects are developed in the cozy setting found in coffee houses. You can make a donation to support our projects in a very aromatic fashion.

Music we love

We have received very rare recordings from some of our listeners donors. This is another way you can support our mission. Sounds good?