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Enjoy classical music recordings that have been professionally optimized for Online Radio Broadcasts. We are a team of music enthusiasts with a solid commitment to excellence.

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We create most of our programming around Open Source Technology. Most of our collected donations are dedicated to developing Open Source Projects.

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We are always on the move and searching for new venues to bring live performances to our audience, from the cozy coffee house to the concert arena.

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Kondarte is currently developing several internet radio channels streaming Classical Music of different genres, such as; Early Music, Baroque, Romantic, Modern, and more.

Latest Releases

Symphony Fantastique - Berlioz

The Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz, was initially composed in 1830 and first performed in December of the same year under the direction of François Habeneck. This master piece has been played by most major symphony orchestras around the world and it is considered by many classical music enthusiast as one of the best symphony ever written. We recently curated and remastered a legendary recording of this work performed by the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin under the direction of Igor Borisovitch Markevitch. The original monophonic audio master is from a live performance of this work, and we have decided to preserved the ambient elements of the performance as much as possible. We removed a significant amount of Ambient Noise to later apply a discrete amount of equalization. A patent pending Stereo Simulation Effect was finally rendered to the audio file, creating a very pleasant auditory sensation of space and openness. More Info ...

Symphony No. 2 in B minor - Borodin

Symphony No. 2 in B minor by Alexander Borodin was composed intermittently between 1869 and 1876. It consists of four movements and is considered the most important large-scale work completed by the composer himself. Curating this work was a real challenge for us due to wide range of musical dynamics imposed by Toscanini during the performance. As most of our curated tasks, we oppose to the use of audio compression, in order to preserve the true musical intension as performed. The original recording is of a decent quality for the time it was reordered, but it carries some of the typical audio fluctuations of analogue recording of the time. At the end, we succeed in preserving the musical character of the recording, to later applied our technical wizardry. A significant amount of noise was eliminated, and then, Audio Equalization was rendered to later apply the Stereo Simulation Effect, giving a delightful sense of depth and space to the final mix.. More Info ...

Piano Works of Nicolas Medtner

Nikolai Karlovich Medtner (24 December 1879 – 13 November 1951) was a Russian composer and pianist. A younger contemporary of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Alexander Scriabin, he wrote a substantial number of compositions, all of which include the piano. Remastering at musical work of this nature requires no only technical skills, but also a deep sense of musicianship. Understanding the stylistic musical inflections of the Romantics, was clearly a task which demanded a consideration. From a technical point of view, the original audio master does not offer a desirable amount of depth necessary to express the outstanding quality of the performance of pianist Ross Pratt, during the recording of Piano Works of Nicolas Medtner. Equalization of the original master was necessary as we prepared the mix for the final Stereo Enhancing Effect with some reverberation added to the final rendition. More Info ...