Resonancias by Jorge Guillen, is a compilation of experimental music ideas produced with a minimalist approach. The music has been composed to promote intellectuality in a very peaceful way by using non-conventional musical elements.

According to the author, Resonancias is not a musical product which can be classified with clichéd mannerisms. Guillen defines his artistic intensions here with an eclectically inclined aptitude, reaching sometimes an obtuse aesthetical angle. The listener can expect very profound musical ideas ready to move one's mind to a deep state of contemplation. 

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Jorge Guillen - Resonancias

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Jorge Guillen is a Venezuelan-American classical guitarist and composer particularly known for his interdisciplinary enterprises. While in his early twenties, Guillen showed a strong interest in the healing application of Music and Synthetic Sounds, landing the release of a series of audio products aimed to promote muscular relaxation.

An ordained Reiki-Seichim master, Jorge Guillen is always looking for new ways to improve one's well-being with his music in a convincing holistic fashion. He has been a faculty member of the University of the District of Columbia, in Washington DC since 1987, where he teaches Classical Guitar and Computer Applications to Music.

Qwaves by Healingnoise®

Some tracks feauture Qwaves, a relaxing digital soundscape created by Healingnoise that resembles the sounds of randomly occurring dripping water.

Kondarte Digital Recordings

This production has been recorded using Advanced Audio Technology using custom built peripherals. The end result is a revitalized audio using positional audio of audiophile quality.

Resonancias has been compiled with pristine audio quality to give you an easy listening and relaxing experience.